Warning, warning!!! For any wine snobs out there, this post may be offensive to you.

As everyone is aware most people now drink wine. BUT, they buy it from a discount supermarket (shock, horror!), not from a specialty liquor or wine store.

The largest retailer of wine in the world is Tesco (with over $1.8 billion in sales a year) and close behind them is Cosco (over $1.0 billion in sales)

Costco’s approach to selling wine is very different to other supermarkets or retailers, choosing only to carry 100 – 200 wines at any given time, compared to the norm of between 1,500 up to 3,500. Selection is limited at Cosco so value and quantity sales are the key. But don’t think undrinkable wine, as the secret for Cosco has been to bring global wines (French, Kiwi, Australian, Chilean, German) to the USA market. And while prices do start at $5 for a bottle you can also buy Dom Pérignon!

If you are looking for a good tasting cheaper wine… these made Wine Spectator’s Best 100 list and definitely won’t break the bank.

Rank 21 – $15 Georges Duboeuf Morgon Jean Descombes 2009
Rank 42 – $9 Quinta de Cabriz Dão 2008
Rank 43 – $14 Gruet Blanc de Noirs New Mexico NV

Drink Up!


I know this is the second wine post for the week (maybe I have a problem!!), but as it’s Thirsty Thursday I thought it was only right to give you some vino facts so you can share them at the bar over work drinks tonight. You will look like an educated wine expert in front of your boss and colleagues in no time.

A bottle of opened wine stored in the refrigerator lasts 6 to 16 times longer than it would if stored at room temperature

The vintage year isn’t necessarily the year the wine was bottled. In the northern hemisphere, white wines may not be bottled the same year the grapes are picked.

Australia developed wine in a box in the ‘70s (aka “the cask”)

The purpose of the indentation at the bottom of a wine bottle is to strengthen the structure of the bottle

The average number of grapes it takes to make a bottle of wine is 600

Among the world’s fruit crops, wine grapes rank number one in the amount of acres planted

The average cost of the grapes used to produce a $20 bottle of wine is $2.64

It costs around $1 per bottle to age wine in a French oak barrel. And $3 per bottle to age wine in only new French oak barrels

Move over, Mickey Mouse…. The Napa valley has replaced Disneyland as California’s number one tourist destination, with 5.5 million visitors per year. There are 4,929 wineries in the US. California has 46% of those wineries.

And just in case someone isn’t drinking tonight, Methyphobia is fear of alcohol (although I am yet to meet anyone who has suffered from this!)


Have you purchased a great bottle of wine when travelling that you want to bring home, but have left it in the hotel for fear of it breaking in your luggage? Hoorah, you will never have to do that with a “wine skin”! You just insert the wine in the bottle-shaped bubble wrap bag and seal it up air-tight. The bubbles prevent it from breaking in-flight, but if you hit turbulence, the seal prevents any liquid from leaking out and ruining your clothes.

Or alternately don’t buy any wine and just drink on the plane.

Singapore Airlines remains the world’s second biggest buyer of Dom Perignon Champagne and spends $16 million a year on wine and $500 million on inflight meals. The airline’s first class passengers go through 20,000 bottles of wine and champagne each month (even though no plane has more than 12 first-class seats!) That’s a lot of wine per passenger. Although if you are on the longest non-stop flight in world – Singapore to Newark, N.J. there is a lot of time to drink during the 18.5 hours and 10,317 miles.