Where has our sense of style and poise gone people? The days of making an effort to look nice to go out for dinner or to a friend’s party. We have all become lazy and default to jeans and t-shirts… the highlight may be taking off your flip flops and putting on a pair of shoes if you are a guy, and high heels if you are a girl.

The current new group of celebs coming through are not helping – after all Justin Beiber is always seen wearing tracksuits that look like P Diddy’s hand me downs, and Kristen Stewart wears converse high tops to red carpet affairs.

So what are the golden rules of being suitably dressed for a function?

1. At no point in your lifetime is it ok to wear jeans to a wedding
2. Guys – never wear a singlet unless you are 70 and it is under a shirt or you are on a sporting field
3. Black Tie means formal attire. Men wear tuxedos, women wear cocktail, long dresses or dressy evening separates.
4. Formal means the same as black tie, but men sometimes wear a long tie instead.
5. Cocktail is an elegant dress for a woman (LBD) and a dark suit for a man. Informal is actually the same as cocktail (so don’t assume it means casual).
6. Business casual think country club
7. Casual – the only time jeans are acceptable.
8. You can’t buy taste, so stick to simple.

And if in doubt, dress up, not down.