baby-globe-rexI find when you are living overseas a topic of constant conversation generally revolves around – what nationality is your child, what passport/s should they carry and can or should you make them a residence of where you are currently living.

To answer that question, The Economist ran a study looking at the economic future of 80 countries in 2030 (when babies born in 2013 will be adults).

So which countries are the best to be born in? Money of course counts, but it isn’t the only measure. Others are good health, safety, quality of public institutions, quality of life, levels of employment, government policies and those countries with the most opportunity.

And the winner is…

Switzerland – it proves boring sometimes wins out!
Australia – the lucky country
Norway, Sweden & Denmark – go the Nordic countries! Maybe temperature or amount of daylight wasn’t taken into account?
Singapore – shows that compulsory National Service is no deterrent
New Zealand – lovely place to be born, just a long way from anywhere
Netherlands – pre-requisite is that you must wear orange!
Canada – perfect if you want to be a professional skier
Hong Kong – the gateway to China

The USA comes in at number 16 (tied with Germany), Britain is at 27 and the worst place to be born is Nigeria at number 80.

It looks like the smaller nations are the places to be setting up home, as bigger isn’t always better!