In a global working life of always being “accessible” and non-stop conference calls, it may be worth considering fighting for your right (my APAC colleagues!) not to have to get up at 2am to do a call, based on the below.

The most populated time zone in the world… GMT 8 where almost a quarter of the world’s population live! It includes areas such as Taiwan, China and Malaysia.

Conference calls have been replacing in person meetings for years now. In fact estimates say that over the next 10 years remote meetings could constitute up to 70 percent of total meetings.

But before you schedule your next one, you may want to make it a web conference. 55% of what an audience learns comes directly from the visual messages seen during a presentation (UCLA study) And that, when you combine visual messages with verbal communication, you increase retention rates from 10% (verbal only) to 50%. Which is a 400% increase (Wharton Research).