Can you dress to save your job? Apparently so according to some experts. And before you say it, this does not mean low cut tops and mini-skirts for females!

The key to being retrenchment proof is looking the part all the time. Staying modern and relevant is key. This simply means updating your wardrobe with a few new pieces each season and guys not wearing the 1980’s cartoon character ties, and ladies avoiding that big shoulder-padded shirt or jacket (despite trying, they still have not been made fashionable again)

For men – a well cut suit, trousers or shirt; clean shaven and a decent haircut (not a number 3 all over!). Grey hair works to your advantage too. Wearing a tie that is too short is not a good thing!

Women – not too much make-up; nicely cut dress, trousers or skirt and heels. Grey hair or bad hair roots are not a favourite with employers, and flat ballet shoes or sandals should be saved for the weekend.

You can still show your personality through dressing, but do it in a more subtle way – shoes, socks, belt, a piece of jewelry all work.

A few basic things that can get you on your way –
1. Grooming costs very little, there are no excuses!
2. Don’t go too heavy on the aftershave or perfume
3. Dryclean your suits and iron your clothes (rule 101 people!)
4. Invest in a few pairs of good shoes
5. look at how your CEO dresses and take the cue from there

And remember… perception is everything!

FASHION FRIDAY – Suited and Booted

My theory has always been “you judge a man by his shoes”. Saying that I may now add suit into the mix too having seen some shockers, but also some great ones. There is nothing like a well cut suit be it in the office or at a wedding. So girls, next time your other half asks for your assistance, or guys if you are buying one solo, here are the must haves that will make the difference between class and cheap! And remember, it is an investment that should last you for years.

The suit’s fabric will make the difference between a $1,500 suit and a $6,000 one. Anything above a grade of 110s is guaranteed to make a respectable-looking suit.

Flower Loop:
Stitched by hand under the lapel to hold the base of the flower that few men ever wear anymore, it’s the kind of detail that shows the tailor cares about tradition. And tradition, in matters of tailoring, is a good thing.

Sleeve Length:
The jacket’s sleeves should never reach further than the point where the base of the thumb meets the wrist. If they do, go down a size.

Hand-Stitched Sleeve Lining:
A sure sign the shoulder will fit closely and comfortably. Check the inside seam where the arm meets the body: If it’s been sewn by hand, you’ll see barely perceptible creases or pleats where the two cloths come together.

Hand-Finished Interior Pocket:
Check the internal left breast pocket: If it’s set off by strips of the external fabric, that means it’s been reinforced, so it’s better able to stow your wares without sagging.

Hidden Pocket:
It’s a credit-card-sized compartment that conceals valuable possessions right next to your family jewels.,,, very handy!

Vented Pleats:
This subtle fold falls just below the internal waistband and ensures a good fit. It also helps prevent tucked-in shirts from bagging or slipping out.