It was Deepavali in India yesterday and it’s Thanksgiving in the USA next week, but are you getting your fair share of days off work?

Living in Singapore we sit somewhere in the middle when it comes to allocation of public holidays. I also like the reasoning for the holidays as it reflects an international country that embraces different religions and beliefs – 2 x Christian (Christmas, Easter); 2 x Muslim (Hari Raya Puasa, Hari Raya Haji); 2 x Chinese New Year; 1 x Buddist (Vesak); 1 x Hindu (Deepavali) and then NY Day, National Day and Labour Day.

But if you are looking for even more days off you may want to consider living in Columbia or Malaysia who have the most per year with 16 public holidays, closely followed by Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Lebanon and Slovakia with 15 days.

Stay away from Mexico who has the worst at 7 days, and coming in at only 8 days is Serbia, Vietnam, Romania and The Netherlands.

And if you are just looking for an excuse to take a day off here are few of the more creative public holidays that have been granted –

Samoa – Driving Side Switch Days. In 2009 2 days holiday was granted as the country switched from driving on the right to driving on the left.

Australia – Melbourne Cup Day. Where else in the world do you get a day off to watch a horse race!