Sight see and stay fit… now there’s an idea! As the northern hemisphere plans their summer vacations, why not take another approach and think of including a destination run in there too. There is something for everyone’s taste and here are my top picks that may just get you motivated to pack your running shoes.

If drinking is your thing head towards California or Oregon and combine wine tasting with running through the vineyards –

Want to take in some ruins then the Rome Marathon is perfect. Starting and finishing at the Colosseum, it goes past the Vatican City and through Piazza Navona.

Give back to the local community and have a once in a lifetime experience – the beautiful Angkor Wat half marathon in Cambodia does just that. Proceeds go to the Cambodian children and disabled, while runners get to have this amazing temple all to themselves (and the children in local villages cheering you on is a special treat)

Head north for the Glitnir Reykjavik Marathon in Iceland. The northernmost capital in the world, has some of the cleanest air on earth, along with ideal running temperatures in August. But just watch your pre-race diet as don’t be surprised to come across unique menu options such as Hrútspungar (ram testicles), Svi (half a sheep’s head) and Hákarl (raw, putrefied Greenlandic shark).

Don’t expect to set any personal bests at the Great Wall Marathon due to the tough course. But what an amazing experience running on part of a wall that was over 6,000km long and was built in 7th Century BC!

And of course, it would be remiss of me not to include the New York Marathon. An iconic run that draws more than 100,000 applicants a year and 315 million worldwide television viewers.

Get running!