Suggestions are that large corporate events are on the rebound, and bookings of entertainment for such events are on the up. If you are searching for a singer for your next where budget isn’t an issue, look no further!

The Rolling Stones are the most expensive act to hire charging a whopping $9.8 million to perform, ahead of Sir Elton John and Kylie Minogue who only demand $3.9 million to play. However, Elton donates all earnings from private concerts to his charity, the Elton John AIDS Foundation, rather than pocketing the huge sums. US songstress Christina Aguilera was named the fourth priciest performer at $3 million a show and US star Jennifer Lopez can each demand $2 million.

A good musical act can also turn it around and become a business too. The most well-known “corporate band” has to be the Black Eyed Peas. From Coors to Levi’s, Honda to Apple, Verizon to Pepsi, brands have padded the group’s video budgets, underwritten its tours and billboarded band members in prominent places.

And the award for the most expensive event ever…. Shanghai World Expo. Officially it was $4.2 billion to host the event, but the real figure is closer to more than $58 billion.

MUST HAVE MONDAY – Casting your Pod!

Want to learn something on your commute to work? Try exchanging your music playlist for a podcast – it’s as simple as that. With over 150,000 on iTunes alone available across 90 countries, there is something for everyone’s taste. And the great news is… they are free!

Here are some of the top ranking ones if you need some inspiration.

Ricky Gervais (still one of the all-time biggest download records)
Inside the Magic
This Week In Tech
Planet Money
WTF with Marc Maron
This American Life
Stuff You Missed in History
The Morning Stream
Splendid Table
Greetings From Nowhere
Feast of Fun
Film Sack
Tech News Today / The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe
Anything BBC


All the music you want. All over your house. All from the palm of your hand!

A few months ago I did a review on Spotify (my music provider source) and mentioned using Sonos as my stereo at home. So what is a Sonos? Think of a magical spell that plays any song you want, in any room in your house.

The system can be controlled by Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Mac, Windows and is customizable – all you need is a zone bridge and player and you can control everything wirelessly via your phone. No need to plug in anything else.

Costs are approx. $299-$399 for the player and $49 for the bridge.

And of course it looks stylish too!



Looking for an alternate way to carry 8,000 songs around? I have just the thing!
The Kube2 is the world’s smallest touch screen mp3 player and is in the form of a cute one-inch cube.

It uses an intuitive interface (no buttons), and is easily connected to your computer to download music. And you can make it look even cooler with some “skins” that just slip over it.

The price… all this for $50!! Originally launched in Singapore and sold in 7-11 stores, it is now available globally on amazon.



Have a ton of old headphones laying around that aren’t comfortable or don’t fit well? Try these http://sculptedeers.com/

The new latest and greatest are sculpted headphones that are actually molded to fit into your ear – very cool idea and perfect for the gym or using on the plane.


Trouble sleeping after a long day at work? Drift off listening to whatever takes your fancy with an iPillow. No uncomfortable headphones needed, just relax and dream away. And I am sure something you can even take on the road with you to help with jetlag.



A few months ago I discovered Spotify, and am now addicted. I was annoyed with spending a fortune on iTunes music, but I now subscribe for $9.99 a month (premium service) to unlimited downloads for on AND offline music with Spotify – which means I can download music to my iPhone or iPod (or android device) and listen to all my music anytime, without a wireless connection. Perfect for business trips and using in hotel gyms. Even better, it works with my Sonos system at home.

Only downside I have found so far is that you can’t sync to an iShuffle, but I can live with that for the price!