Well that’s my story based on a recent experience.

I had a 3 year old LV bag that was starting to show some wear and tear that wasn’t all that desirable, so I took it into a store to ask what could be done. LV sent it away and a week later I got a call saying come in and pick a new handbag… happy days! That simple (and very pleasant) experience of a brand standing behind its product has left me with nothing but good things to say, and I am now “brand loyal” .

I have invested in the LV brand and that emotional tie is why other brands such as Apple, have such loyalty.

Luxury brands that have successfully engaged with customers and have a “cult” following are (based on numerous brand studies):
- BMW who consistently is the chosen number luxury car brand around the world
- Tiffany for jewelry
- Louis Vuitton for fashion
- Rolex for watches

And now not everyone needs to go into a store to ‘feel the love’. Consumers are more than happy to shop for luxury via the internet with 80% of luxury brands having e-commerce facilities (and gaining the highest traffic to their sites versus the 20% who don’t)

What sites are people purchasing from? Ralph Lauren commands 39.2% of traffic (out of 42 luxury brand sites names by PM Digital) followed by LouisVuitton.com (11.8%) and Gucci.com (10.9%).

I said a few months ago in a post and I will say it again… caveat emptor (buyer beware). Check which sites you are purchasing from as most are fakes. 839 websites in the USA alone have been closed down for selling replica merchandise. 80% of Hermes-branded goods sold on the Internet are not real. So if that handbag price is too good to be true, its fake!