I love my Nike Free running shoes (and no, I don’t get paid to mention them) so when I found out you can personalize them I was even more excited. Gone are the days when you have to pay an artist located in Tribeca a year’s wage to get a pair of custom painted sneakers – now it costs you about $20 extra to come up with your design and all from the comfort of home. A ‘must have” for anyone who wears sneakers for exercise or pleasure.

NikePick materials, colours and even have a one-on-one design session with a consultant for you or a group thanks to NIKEiD studio.

ConverseThe Converse MAKE project is pretty irresistible. And they have some funky kids options.

Not satisfied? New Balance and Reebok have also joined in to offer online design services.

And ever wondered what happened to one of the original “design sneakers”… LA Gear! Introduced in 1992 the immortal L.A. Lights, was the shoe line from L.A. Gear that featured red LED bulbs in the heels that blinked every time you took a step. Alongside Reebok’s Pump series, the wildly popular sneakers dominated the shoe scene in the early ’90s with athlete endorsers such as Karl Malone and Hakeem Olajuwon.
Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to keep the company going and they filed for bankruptcy in 1998. LA Gear has since eased its way back into the market, and re-released the classic L.A. Lights hoping to take piece of the retro market.


We constantly aiming to look fashionable when getting on a plane, but also want to be comfortable. It can be a fine line, so here are a few DO NOT’s when you are travelling for business.

1. Thai Fisherman pants – they may be unisex and comfortable, but leave the backpackers to wear them around Asia
2. Sock and Sandals – just wrong! Once the preferred footwear of elderly Brits… uncertain of what to wear travelling.
3. Slogan T-shirts – this fashion niche is most prevalent on the southeast Asian circuit. Do you really want to be seated next to a CEO on a plane wearing a Budweiser or Mickey Mouse t-shirt?
4. Crocs – WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! They are the ultimate example of what happens when practicality supersedes normal boundaries of taste. I won’t even let my 2 year old daughter wear a pair.
5. Bum bags/fanny packs – Not safe for travel and reminds most people of the 80’s when they came in fluro colours. Why are they even sold still!!


What can a girl with everything possibly need? Think… relaxing by an open fire or with an ocean view, and still looking chic with no effort. It’s all about loungewear. My favourite is Piamita’s latest line, but Louis Vuitton, Fendi and The Row have all released collections focused on menswear inspired pajamas, for women.

Time to throw out those Juicy Couture track suits!!