Landing from a long flight and wondering how best to get to your hotel? Well 54% of travellers choose a taxi over getting the train (16%), catching a bus (16%) or walking (2%)

If you are flying into London then you are lucky, the famous black taxis are number one for safety, friendliness, cleanliness, quality of driving and knowledge of the area . But it comes at a price, as they are the most expensive globally.

Best value for money – Bangkok’s infamous Tuk Tuk. But it was also voted worst in the world for ‘Quality of Driving’, poorest cleanliness and safety, so you may want to rethink catching one if you are on your way to an important meeting.

Who are the best tippers? Hong Kong residents are the most generous, choosing to tip at least 20% of the fare or more. Argentinians are the worst tippers, most never tipping their taxi drivers.

World’s best taxis
2.New York
3.Hong Kong

Source: Annual taxi report compiled by (5,000 travellers from 23 countries) , a leading hotel booking website, travellers rank Singapore as the fifth best city in the world for taxis.

FASHION FRIDAY – London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week has just finished, and on the back of the report from New York Fashion week, let’s see which trends carried over and any new ones that are on the radar for our British and European friends.

Army Green/Military was the standout trend that continued in London, and is definitely set for a comeback this fall on both sides of the Atlantic

Quilted jackets are hot… and not just in temperature. Although be sure the buy something structured, not puffy, or you may look like a marshmallow!

Florals from summer will continue into winter for the Brits

Leather trousers of all length and widths featured, and in all colours from mustard to black
Tartan has evolved into block colours (thank heavens we can say goodbye to tartan again!)

Dungarees/overalls are back – you decide

Long, sleek evening gowns – definitely my favourite glamorous trend from these shows

Velvet – if done right can look fabulous in a jacket, skirt or trousers

Personally NY Fashion Week was far more inspiring (but that’s just my opinion!)

The highlight of the week – Stella McCartney’s flash mob fashion show