All the music you want. All over your house. All from the palm of your hand!

A few months ago I did a review on Spotify (my music provider source) and mentioned using Sonos as my stereo at home. So what is a Sonos? Think of a magical spell that plays any song you want, in any room in your house.

The system can be controlled by Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Mac, Windows and is customizable – all you need is a zone bridge and player and you can control everything wirelessly via your phone. No need to plug in anything else.

Costs are approx. $299-$399 for the player and $49 for the bridge.

And of course it looks stylish too!


WIRED WEDNESDAY – Mobile/Cell Phone Covers

I have been through multiple covers for my mobile/cell phone, and am always on the prowl for ‘the one’. Every phone pretty much looks the same at the moment, but not anymore. How about a funky vintage cover that is environmental friendly and simply looks good!

Out of the need to protect her shiny new iPod in 2005, Breigh Stanfield began making her handmade iPod cases out of materials she already had (cereal boxes, vintage fabrics) and has been ever since.
Visit her site to see her range – http://www.debrisdesign.com/ipod-cases/


What are your top 5 must have’s for your carry on luggage/handbag when flying?
Here are mine -

1. Pashmina (a great one I bought in India)
2. Phone charger
3. Hand sanitizer
4. Paw paw cream – can be used for lip gloss, moisturiser, insect bites
5. Sunglasses


A few months ago I discovered Spotify, and am now addicted. I was annoyed with spending a fortune on iTunes music, but I now subscribe for $9.99 a month (premium service) to unlimited downloads for on AND offline music with Spotify – which means I can download music to my iPhone or iPod (or android device) and listen to all my music anytime, without a wireless connection. Perfect for business trips and using in hotel gyms. Even better, it works with my Sonos system at home.

Only downside I have found so far is that you can’t sync to an iShuffle, but I can live with that for the price!



Flying off for business or pleasure… here are a few apps that you should have to make life easier and your trip run smoother.

1. Flight Track – $4.99. This app has the ability to manage both domestic and international flights with real-time updates, and you don’t have to be online.
2. Oanda Currency Converter – Free. Does what it says on the box, easy to use currency converter.
3. Kayak – Free. The easiest way to search for flights, hotels and car rentals all in one place, it even features a function for a packing list.
4. Goop City Guides – $3.99. Gwyneth Paltrow’s extension of her blog is now a City Guide app. The first one released is New York City and includes her favourite places to eat, drink and shop.


Is the Apple iPhone 4s that great? I have been using one for the last month (upgraded from my 3s) and yes it’s faster and the camera is great quality, but not noticing a many more key differentiators. One annoying lack of feature (which they removed as it was available on other iPhones) was the option to switch back to 2G. In India there was no 3G network in some places so I was stuck without a working phone for 4 days. I will keep using it though, the apps keep me there…