Travelling in a foreign country and not sure what the etiquette is on how best to order your morning coffee. Stick to this example and you can’t go wrong globally.

“I would like a medium, nonfat, no whip mocha.”

1. State the number of shots of espresso you would like IF other than the typical amount in the size you are ordering.
2. Size of the cup you would like. Typically there are three sizes of hot drinks.
3. If you would like a flavor added, this would be the time to say so (example: “Vanilla”)
4. Type of milk you would like IF other than the default milk used (which varies by country)
5. If you do not want foam, say “No Foam”
6. If you do not want whip cream, Say “No Whip”
7. If you are ordering something other than a latte, state it now, “Cappuccino” or “Mocha”

Now relax and enjoy!