Christmas decorations are going up earlier each year and the local supermarket is already stacked with Christmas crackers and angel shaped chocolate (not complaints on that one!).

So I thought I would get in early too as we near the festive season, and cover off some of the things you need to consider at work when giving gifts.

Company Policy – please read it before giving or accepting gifts from suppliers, co-workers, customers. There are so many anti-bribery laws in place now, that if you stray from this your Christmas gift may be that you don’t have a job.

Gifts for the Boss – it’s not necessary. A nice card with a note of thanks inside is enough. If you really want to do something than a good suggestion is always a donation to a charity of their choice.

Gifts to Employees – Stay away from anything too personal, or that might offend. And please do not give something with the company logo on it, that is just poor form and insulting! Gift vouchers are always a winner, spa treatments, or half a day off to do Christmas shopping is a nice gesture. And remember, everyone is born equal so make sure the value is the same for everyone.

I will save work Christmas party rules for a another day, as that deserves its own post!