Not many people realize how many empty calories they are “drinking” a day, and I am not even talking alcoholic beverages here. While you may be skipping meals, loading up on drinks can be far more fattening than eating healthy food. Next time you are grabbing your coffee on the way to work, you may want to re-think your selection.

Based on a grande size from Starbucks (calories)
Brewed coffee 12
Latte – Skim 130; Soy 170; Full fat 220
Hot chocolate 290
Mocha 232
The worst… Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino Blended Crème 500 calories

And that “healthy” scone or muffin to go with your coffee is not so good for you – a zucchini walnut one contains 490 calories and has 110 more calories than a chocolate chunk cookie or 210 more calories than a bagel.

If soda/soft drink is more your thing.
A can of Coke contains 140 calories, while 7-Up is 150 calories and Mountain Dew has 163 calories

I would also suggest being active to go and get it from the fridge, as it takes approximately 23 minutes of walking to burn the calories in 1 can of Coke.