baconsundae-531x550I am certainly a big fan of eating (not so much the cooking part). And as the interest levels of dining have never been so high, there has been an abundance of food fads and restaurant trends – with some definitely more right than wrong, taste bud dependent of course!

So what takes your fancy, and what should you put on your must try list for 2013?

Bacon with everything. Don’t get me wrong I love a good piece of crispy bacon with my weekend breakfast, but when it is turned into ice-cream, chocolate or popcorn I have to say no.

Butchers opening up their own restaurants. The US leads the way in this trend, and now a ton of other countries are following. The best one I have been to is The Publican in Chicago

Every restaurant saying its menu uses local, organic or seasonal produce….zzzzzzz so 2012.

Frozen yoghurt is making a comeback! I am a fan but I can’t help think of the Seinfeld episode on low fat yoghurt – buyer beware.

Taking photos of your food and posting them everywhere. People please STOP this, no one cares!!!

Going Paleo. Hardcore, but I have to say it works. Basically cut out anything fun in your diet and stick to meat, vegetables, and some nuts and seeds. Grains, dairy, and sugar are a no, no.

Non-booking restaurants and queues to eat. Everyone is well and truly over this and restaurants are now reverting to reservations again. We aren’t at Disneyland or 18 years old trying to get into a nightclub.

Healthier kids menus. Say goodbye to hotdogs and mac n’ cheese as the stock standard on children’s menus. Restaurants are starting to step up and offer better alternatives for families, especially as couples with children spend on average 44% more at restaurants than those without children.

Bon appetite!