They are what diamonds are to females…

More and more men are “investing” in watches now as they have become far more than a fashion item or a status symbol. In most men’s minds this makes it a bit easier to justify the entry level price of what could be classed as “man jewelry”… and hey I am all for it!

With the Swiss Watch industry at an all-time high (up 19% in the last 12 months), it seems there isn’t a recession when it comes to watches. Where are these expensive watches getting shipped too? Hong Kong – 21%; USA – 10%; China – 8%; France – 6%; Singapore- 6%.

So how do you choose the right watch for you?

1. You don’t need every shade of gold and 14 dials to tell you the time in Antarctica, but what you do need is something that will compliment your lifestyle.

2. It should reflect who you are, and who you aspire to be (Top tip – pick a manly one, not something girlie!)

3. A watch with a plain black or white face—and a leather strap or a steel bracelet—will go with everything.

4. Don’t buy a watch that makes you a “groupie” ie a Rolex style that everyone you know has

5. You can never go wrong with a steel case

6. Don’t be scared to change your watch band for different seasons – metal, leather, rubber, grosgrain – there are options

7. If you don’t partake in sporting activities then don’t wear a watch that measures everything physical activity under the sun. And no matter what, a Polar or Garmin watch does not look good on anyone wearing a suit.

You should also take the time to know the basics if you are investing in one.

Water-Resistant – “resistant” is the key here, don’t get carried away and wear it non-stop in water
Quartz – the movement powered by a battery and regulated by the oscillations of a quartz crystal (and most accurate at telling the time)
Complication – anything that is added that isn’t the time eg calendar or stopwatc
Movement – all the pieces that run the watch

If you want the best (according to a recent survey of 400 millionaires) then buy a Franck Muller as it’s the most prestigious brand. If that isn’t your style than the other brands that made it were Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe and Breguet.

And if you don’t have $50,000 to spend on a watch, you can still look sharp. Stick to a classic like an old school Seiko that won’t date and will only set you back about $200.

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