Pet hate… being in a line ready to go through security at the airport and someone in front has “forgotten” to empty their pockets or throw a bottle of water away. Seriously what are these people thinking (clearly not much), as they have just had on average 13 to 15 minutes to get organised. That is the time it is taking to clear security at most airports these days.

Checking In
59% of people check-in through the airline’s main counter, which takes an average of 19 minutes
18% use a self-check-in kiosk, which averages 8 minutes
10% check-in at curbside, which averages 13 minutes
5% of passengers obtain their boarding pass through the Internet

The average wait time at large airports is 16 minutes, 15 minutes at medium airports and 13 minutes at small airports

US immigration officials were given the unwanted tag of being the rudest, followed by India and Russia. I agree with that ranking. On my most recent to trip to India there was a line at immigration due to the fact that every immigration officer had decided to have their dinner at the same time so there was no one working!!

Travelers wanting the shortest queuing times should head for Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, Changi in Singapore or Frankfurt

Bangkok, Amsterdam and Rome are considered to have the least-thorough security. They were also seen as having the longest wait time for collecting baggage and were considered the most likely to damage luggage.

Heathrow has been voted the worst international airport for passport queues and baggage problems. New York’s JFK and Los Angeles International airports were ranked second and third worst.

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