Does this sound familiar… another long morning of meetings, need to blow off some steam and feel exhausted by lunch time? It’s time you hit the gym or went outside for a run (or even a walk)

It has been scientifically proven that people who exercise on work days are more productive, happier and suffer less stress than on non-gym days, in addition to being better equipped to handle whatever the day threw at them.

Companies have been encouraging employees to exercise more for years (to improve health insurance premiums, some corporations offer reimbursements for gym memberships, while others have resorted to paying employees by the km to run or swim). But, most employees still exercise before or after the business day as they are made to feel too guilty to ditch work in the middle of the day to work up a sweat. It seems it’s ok to go out and eat or shop at lunch, but not so accepted to go to the gym.

It is possible to exercise at lunchtime and be back at your desk on time, it just takes some planning (especially for us gals)
1. Try and pick an earlier or later time (11am or 2pm) as the gym isn’t as busy so you won’t have to wait for any machines (and the change rooms aren’t as hectic too)
2. Bring your lunch to eat at your desk so you don’t use valuable time lining up to buy a sandwich
3. Ladies – don’t plan on washing your hair post-gym workout. Tie it back that day and go with minimal, easy make up
4. Join a gym close to the office – or just go for a run/walk to save time

If all else fails we could go and work for PepsiCo, HBO, or Google who have their own on-site fitness centers (Google offers 230 exercise classes a week). Or even move to Denmark where each day at 10.45 am the factory door at AXA Power closes for 1 ½ hours and all staff members gather outside to walk, run, bike, swim or row.

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