hungover-womanWe all know the population is aging everywhere, and to put it into perspective one third of babies born in 2012 are expected to celebrate their 100th birthday! (there were only 316,600 centurions in 2011)

So if you want to feel young by hanging out with older people where should you go?

The number one place is Monaco, where the median age is 50, and on the upside most likely everyone there is wealthy and retired so not a bad place to be.

Following suit are –

Japan 45.4; Germany 45.3; Italy 43.8; Austria 43.4; Greece 42.8; San Marino 42.8; Slovenia 42.8; Finland 42.7; Belgium 42.6

The UK comes in at 22 (40.2); Australia 34 (37.9); USA at 38 (37.1), and outside of Japan, China is the next highest Asia country at 41st spot (35.9).

At the other end of the scale Uganda is the youngest (15.1) followed by Niger, Mali and Zambia, all under 17.

And age aside, if you are a working female chances are you are going to look your oldest (and worst) at 3.30pm on a Wednesday afternoon. This is when the effects of any alcohol consumed over the weekend hit home, stress levels are at their highest, and the body is most tired…. It really is hump day!

Knowing this, I say book in for a massage or facial every week at this time and the problem is easily solved!


baconsundae-531x550I am certainly a big fan of eating (not so much the cooking part). And as the interest levels of dining have never been so high, there has been an abundance of food fads and restaurant trends – with some definitely more right than wrong, taste bud dependent of course!

So what takes your fancy, and what should you put on your must try list for 2013?

Bacon with everything. Don’t get me wrong I love a good piece of crispy bacon with my weekend breakfast, but when it is turned into ice-cream, chocolate or popcorn I have to say no.

Butchers opening up their own restaurants. The US leads the way in this trend, and now a ton of other countries are following. The best one I have been to is The Publican in Chicago http://publicanqualitymeats.com/

Every restaurant saying its menu uses local, organic or seasonal produce….zzzzzzz so 2012.

Frozen yoghurt is making a comeback! I am a fan but I can’t help think of the Seinfeld episode on low fat yoghurt – buyer beware.

Taking photos of your food and posting them everywhere. People please STOP this, no one cares!!!

Going Paleo. Hardcore, but I have to say it works. Basically cut out anything fun in your diet and stick to meat, vegetables, and some nuts and seeds. Grains, dairy, and sugar are a no, no.

Non-booking restaurants and queues to eat. Everyone is well and truly over this and restaurants are now reverting to reservations again. We aren’t at Disneyland or 18 years old trying to get into a nightclub.

Healthier kids menus. Say goodbye to hotdogs and mac n’ cheese as the stock standard on children’s menus. Restaurants are starting to step up and offer better alternatives for families, especially as couples with children spend on average 44% more at restaurants than those without children.

Bon appetite!


baby-globe-rexI find when you are living overseas a topic of constant conversation generally revolves around – what nationality is your child, what passport/s should they carry and can or should you make them a residence of where you are currently living.

To answer that question, The Economist ran a study looking at the economic future of 80 countries in 2030 (when babies born in 2013 will be adults).

So which countries are the best to be born in? Money of course counts, but it isn’t the only measure. Others are good health, safety, quality of public institutions, quality of life, levels of employment, government policies and those countries with the most opportunity.

And the winner is…

Switzerland – it proves boring sometimes wins out!
Australia – the lucky country
Norway, Sweden & Denmark – go the Nordic countries! Maybe temperature or amount of daylight wasn’t taken into account?
Singapore – shows that compulsory National Service is no deterrent
New Zealand – lovely place to be born, just a long way from anywhere
Netherlands – pre-requisite is that you must wear orange!
Canada – perfect if you want to be a professional skier
Hong Kong – the gateway to China

The USA comes in at number 16 (tied with Germany), Britain is at 27 and the worst place to be born is Nigeria at number 80.

It looks like the smaller nations are the places to be setting up home, as bigger isn’t always better!


Happy New Year everyone!

Well it may be happy at the moment as most people are refreshed from a break and settling back into work. But it won’t be long until the euphoria of holidays wears off and the first business trip of the year is thrust upon you (if it hasn’t already been).

So what are the most stressful things about business travel? CWT recently conducted a global survey to find out what they were.

1. Lost or Delayed Baggage – this rated 4 points higher for women too, and I can whole heartedly agree having been a victim of this one too many times
2. Poor/No Internet Connection – on the upside maybe a blessing in disguise and a good excuse to hit the hotel bar instead of working 
3. Flying Economy on Med/Long Haul – this was cited as it reduces the possibility to work for a suitable length of time or to rest properly
4. Delays – obviously this is far worse on the return leg of the journey when you just want to get home
5. Inconvenient Dep./Arr. Times – having to skip time with family was the biggest reason
6. Low Hotel Category – less likely to be able to sleep or be comfortable or in a safe area
7. Inconvenient Hotel Location – added stress of finding transportation to the office, lack of local places to eat
8. Last-Minute Requested Trips – puts a strain on existing routines at home (especially if they involve children’s routines)
9. Not Able to Eat Healthily – hard to find healthy options in meetings and at hotels
10. Traveling during Week-ends – heavily affects work, life balance and family
11. Length of Journey to Reach Destination – impact on health, jetlag and ability to function
12. Flying Indirect versus Direct – similar to the above, you want to limit travel time

One NY blogger had a different view and suggested it was the scarcity of power outlets in airports, seats that don’t recline very far and that must be upright on landing, excessive in-flight announcements, check-in procedure, inconsistent lounge rules, and policies forbidding him to bring alcohol onto planes.

Now that would be far more interesting if it was unlimited duty-free alcohol on flights. Just ask this guy in the photo who consumed all of his within one hour of taking off on a flight this week!