TRAVEL TUESDAY – Hong Kong Hotel

Already a big fan of the Four Seasons properties, I was not disappointed with my stay in Hong Kong. Rarely do you find an exceptional business hotel, but this is one.

From the moment I got out of the taxi the staff were amazing. Nothing was too much trouble and although a city business hotel, they are extremely family-friendly too.

The rooms are big for HK and I would suggest paying extra for a harbour view. Pool is fabulous and the hotel is in such a good location with IFC adjoining for some sneaky shopping, and everything else is close by. The gym is fabulous and if you have time after a busy day of meetings, I recommend making a visit to the spa.

MUST HAVE MONDAY – Simply Chairs

Look stylish and be comfortable when you work… one of the world’s most expensive office chairs is a Pininfarina (retailing at $1,500,000) Its revolutionary design includes a seating surface made of fabric used by Olympic athletes for durability, comfort, coolness, and range of motion, a gel developed by Bayer Leverkausen that matches the human body’s countour.

If you are looking for something that costs a little less, you can still look classy in the Herman Miller Embody chair or the Herman Miller Aeron chair.


My “never travel without” item is a cashmere pashmina I bought while in India on a business trip 7 years ago. Besides keeping me warm, it can dress up any item when heading to the office, and here are some ways to wear it.

1. Wear your pashmina as a shawl.
2. Make a full shawl wrap – drape the pashmina around you, like a shawl, and then tie the ends in front of your chest
3. Wear it the European way – fold the pashmina in half and drape it around your neck. Bring the loose ends through the loop and pull them through
4. Make an artistic knot. Slide the wrap around your neck and tie a loose knot in the middle of the right side and pass the left side through it, then tighten the knot.
5. Create a shorter scarf – crease and fold the pashmina lengthwise three or four times.
6. Dress up your coat – fold the fabric four times lengthwise and drape it around your shoulders under the collar of your coat.
7. Slip on a sarong. Wrap the scarf around your waist and tie the ends together at the hip. Wear this sarong over fitted pants, a skirt or a dress.

And when buying a pashmina, neutral colors are the most versatile. Spice colors suit people with darker skin tones, while camel, ivories and beiges are best for those with pale complexions.


There is nothing better than a nice glass of wine, great conversation and some bar snacks. But drinking and snacking can add up to a lot of unwanted calories, so order carefully next time.

A serving of potato chips (20 to be exact) can cost you 150 calories.
One cup of Trail Mix has a whopping 693 calories!!
Thank goodness this tasty snack only has seven calories per serving. . . Olives
And a serving of wasabi nuts has 168 calories.


Working too hard and need some downtime in front of the tv… LG’s stunning 55-Inch OLED 3D TV is likely to be the first 3D set that showcases the in-home potential of 3D viewing, so the 3D footage looks about as lifelike and immersive as possible. The tv is only 4mm thick so is basically thinner than any artwork framed on your walls.

The price? It will probably cost around $10,000, but as you know, it doesn’t take long for the cost of new technology to fall, so hang in there.


What are your top 5 must have’s for your carry on luggage/handbag when flying?
Here are mine -

1. Pashmina (a great one I bought in India)
2. Phone charger
3. Hand sanitizer
4. Paw paw cream – can be used for lip gloss, moisturiser, insect bites
5. Sunglasses


There is nothing worse than a mis-matched belt and bag (a bit like a man wearing white socks with a suit!). Many of the fashion houses are making it easy for us this season with ready made matching combos.

One of my favourites is the M Missoni crochet bag ($465) and chain link belt ($250). Ideal for teaming together for work.