I bought a new toy last night, and can’t wait to really see what it can do. What did I buy? A new ultra-light laptop (such a geek!)

After doing countless research I landed on one and found out it was only available for sale this week… so my timing was perfect.

Working in IT means I have half an idea of what I am buying, but I realized most people don’t really know what to look for and what all the terminology actually means.

So here goes I am “dumbing it down”…
a WTF does that mean when buying a laptop!

Going Fast.
This is the processor which determines how fast things boot up and load. Intel’s Core i3 and Core i5 CPUs are excellent for most users, and if you really want to step it up go for a quad-core Core i7 processor

Pretty Pictures.
Graphics – how well everything looks on the screen (including You Tube videos). ATI or nVidia are usually the best, but built in Intel Core i5/i7 CPUs are fine too.

This is the memory that drives everything. Go with a minimum of 4GB, but as always – take more if you can get it. To make this memory go even faster choose DDR3 (Tip – the higher the number eg 800HMz versus 1066MHz, the better)

This is the size of screen and resolution/quality, backlighting, and surface. Look for things like LED backlit displays (saves energy and battery), an antiglare or matt surface (my preference), and a higher resolution screen is usually the choice of most people.

This is the storage where you will keep photos, applications, music etc. Normally the HDD won’t be above 256GB (great if you can get it), standard is more likely 128GB. Another factor is a SSD (solid-state drive) versus a standard hard drive. SSDs tend to cost a lot more, but take up far less space, are more power efficient, faster and more durable.

So what did I buy? A Samsung second generation series 9 15” – bigger screen, thinner and lighter than the Mac Air!!

Now I am off to buy a new laptop bag to match.