Have a ton of old headphones laying around that aren’t comfortable or don’t fit well? Try these http://sculptedeers.com/

The new latest and greatest are sculpted headphones that are actually molded to fit into your ear – very cool idea and perfect for the gym or using on the plane.


If you are like me, I hate travelling with multiple battery packs, adapters and cords – especially when you are carrying it as hand luggage on the plane. Or you are running out of battery constantly.

A new solution is the PowerBag – These high-tech bags can charge up to four mobile devices at a time via Apple, micro-USB, mini-USB and regular USB connectors. The battery in the bag itself can be charged by plugging the backpack into a power socket. Makes life so much easier.

My favourite is the “Sling”, and it comes in lots of colours!



A few months ago I discovered Spotify, and am now addicted. I was annoyed with spending a fortune on iTunes music, but I now subscribe for $9.99 a month (premium service) to unlimited downloads for on AND offline music with Spotify – which means I can download music to my iPhone or iPod (or android device) and listen to all my music anytime, without a wireless connection. Perfect for business trips and using in hotel gyms. Even better, it works with my Sonos system at home.

Only downside I have found so far is that you can’t sync to an iShuffle, but I can live with that for the price!



Is the Apple iPhone 4s that great? I have been using one for the last month (upgraded from my 3s) and yes it’s faster and the camera is great quality, but not noticing a many more key differentiators. One annoying lack of feature (which they removed as it was available on other iPhones) was the option to switch back to 2G. In India there was no 3G network in some places so I was stuck without a working phone for 4 days. I will keep using it though, the apps keep me there…